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Call Her by Her Name

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Hunter Levitan – Call Her by Her Name

Call Her by Her Name

Today our daughter Hunter turns 23.

And on Wednesday, May 20, Hunter graduates from NYU’s College of Arts and Science, receiving a BA in Journalism and English with a focus on Creative Writing.

I can’t put into words what Hunter means to us because no words exist to celebrate, honor or do her justice.

No stranger to change, challenge and tragedy, Hunter simply transcends.


All the time.

Happy 23rd Birthday, dearest Hunter.

Happy Graduation, our great Warrior One with Sparkles.

Our Magic Maker. Our Funny Girl.

Our Hope and our Humor.

Always and everywhere, You are our Absolute.

We love you.

Hunter’s Sunday Album

Row 1: (Left to Right) Hunter & older sister Merritt (Milton 2012); Hunter & Merritt around M’s senior year (Milton 2013); Hunter, Joe, Merritt (holding Joe) as children.

Row 2: Hunter & Ingrid (Georgia); Hunter doing the sparkle thing (Carnevale di Viareggio, Italy 2017); Hunter with bananas in her ear (Prague 2017)

Row 1: (Left to Right) Hunter in the Hearst Elevator (NYC Winter 2020); Hunter & Joe (Boston 2019); Hunter shooting (Brooklyn 2019)

Row 2: Hunter, Maya and Lexi (Milton 2016); Hunter’s Milton Gang (Boston 2016); Lucy, Hunter & Maya (Georgia 2015)

Row 1: (Left to Right) Caroline, Chelsea, Hunter (Sea Island sometime); Hunter & Emily Kate (New Years Sea Island, GA 2019); Gillian, Joe & Hunter (Hunter’s 22nd Birthday, New York 2019); Hunter, Beacon, Cousin Ross & Joe (Christmas 2019)

Row 2: Marguerite, Emma, Alizeh, Sarah (H’s Bday New York 2019); Rich & Hunter – New Years Eve (Sea Island, 2019); Hunter & Maryl – Pacific Palisades 2019 – about to sparkle…

 Row 3: Martin & Hunter, Sotheby’s Grands Crus de Bordeaux Tasting – Cipriani (New York January 2020); The Family at Hunter’s High School Graduation (2016); The Maddens, Granddaddy, Hunter & Joe (Cambridge 2019); The Family Bennie’s Red Barn Christmas 2019

Row 1: (Left to Right) Hunter & I doing the sparkle thing, New Year’s Eve (Vieques, PR 2017); Hunter & Annie (Boston Women’s March 2017); Hunter hugging Joe (Boston 2017)

Row 2: Joe, Hunter & Merritt (Georgia in the 90s); Hunter, Emma, Alizeh, Marguerite (NYC Summer 2019); Hunter, Rich, Anna, holding a picture of Merritt Levitan when Massachusetts signed Hand’s Free into Law (Boston 2019) – Rock star, Hunter, you are a rock star. 

Row 1: (Left to Right) Hunter & Hartley (Boston 2016); Hunter, Chelsea, Sophie (Boston 2015); Hunter, Kaylin, Friend (Vieques, PR 2017)

Row 2: The two older sisters that stepped in and held Hunter up, literally. (Words fail, Osa & Hart.) Hunter with Osaremen and Hartley (Cambridge 2017); Hunter & Alizeh (Brooklyn 2019); The Lev Cousins (Ross California 2019); H speaks to the Governor of Massachusetts on behalf of her sister Merritt (Boston 2019); Joe & Hunter  – Tompkins Square Bagels (New York 2017). 

(L) Hunter Levitan, NYU Journalism, attends the Ahmaud Arbery Press Conference, Brunswick, Georgia, May 2020.  Hunter is wearing a mask. As were all those attending the peaceful protest for justice.

Importance of A Name

We  believe in the power of a name. 

Hunter is aptly named.

Ahmaud Arbery’s lawyer is named Lee Merritt.

Hunter’s only sister, killed in 2013 by a distracted driver, was named Lee Merritt Levitan.

We run with Maud.

Baby doll, when this passes we are going to throw ONE MASSIVE PARTY in the East Village and everyone is invited.