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The Awakening: Messaging’s New Opportunity

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The Sunday Series is published weekly to share industry trends and inspiring stories.

As businesses and industries come to life again in our vastly different reality, messaging presents new opportunities. Striking the right balance between safety, empathy and compassion, while encouraging the joys of living, is critical.

Welcome to The Awakening Moment

In this 14th issue of The Sunday Series, we examine the delicate dance of messaging and share three tips for The Reopening. 

Charting a path forward during The Reopening.

St. Simons Island, Georgia. Sunday morning, June 14, 2020.

The Awakening:

Messaging’s New Opportunity

At the risk of sounding like a therapist or yoga instructor, let’s surrender to three absolutes in the current Reopening Climate:

1. Today is radically different than six months ago.

2. We just don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

3. Change is necessary to grow.

So what can smart businesses do to chart a path forward during The Reopening?

1. Acknowledge

Messaging, both visual and narrative, must acknowledge change while quickly pivoting to a new reality. It’s a different cosmos, and we must boldly go where no one has gone before. Believe in the bright new universe ahead of us and convey that positive spirit to our weary world.

Believe that change is good.

2. People still dream

If not now, then next week, next month or next year. We have not forgotten what it means to be together, to enjoy shared experiences and embrace cherished ones. We have not forgotten how to celebrate. Pinterest boards are alive and well. People are still planning, dreaming and aspiring. That is our collective human journey.

We dream.

3. Create positive, inclusive, forward-thinking messaging

Celebrate the fact that you are still here! It’s an accomplishment. With every image, video, hashtag, tagline and soundbite, announce that you are open. That you care. That you are ready to receive and embrace – everyone – when they are ready.

We want to feel welcome.

We include these three tenets when clients ask us to create messaging for The Reopening. Across platforms, both visually and in narrative –  words, pictures and video – we strive to embrace the Awakening Moment.

It’s important. So let’s get it right.

East Beach, St. Simons Island, Georgia.

Sunday morning’s awakening. 

Acknowledge. Focus on what brings us together in our collective human journey. Never let go of dreams. Images and words count. Now more than ever.

We wish all of you a successful reopening.